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I can’t believe all of you people think fudge potato chip ice cream would be gross have you never had Ben & Jerry’s Late Night Snack because if you haven’t don’t leave it all for me.

For drowninginlove.

An episode insert for 07x01


letthewordsfallout : #Also someone write me some god damn fluff about it being national coffee day #and castle going overboard about it #GIVE IT TO ME

“Kate. Kate. Kate.”

The incessant whispering punctuated by soft kisses to the shell of her ear is what wakes her, and she’s more than a little annoyed by it.

She’s not on call, a rare occurrence for a Monday but after the case they solved this weekend she was more than grateful for the reprieve, looking forward to spending it catching up on some much needed sleep.

“Kate. Wake up.”

She swats at him, makes contact with his forehead and rolls over, groaning as she tries to bury herself deeper in their sheets. It’s nearly October and he keeps the loft chilly to start with because he’s always too hot, and his tshirt she threw on last night isn’t cutting it.

He tugs the blanket down though, ridding her of her warm hideaway and she flips over and scowls at him.

“Castle –“

He cuts her off, leans down and kisses her before he stands up from where he was perched on the bed, holding both hands up as he hurried backwards out of the room.

“Hold that threat. Give me just… one second.”

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Kill Shot on TNT.

Thank you, season 4 of Castle.


i miss the good old days when beckett got shot in the chest

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Like that was a fucking joke right

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