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Zedd - Clarity (Zedd Union mix)


Alex Goot, Chrissy Costanza, & Kurt Schneider - Beauty And A Beat (Cover)


Dark Matter | Andrew Belle

I’m bending the light
Connecting you to me

(Source: iammagneato)


♬ 44/365 ”Charlie Darwin“ | The Low Anthem

Lords of war just profit from decay
and trade the children’s promise for the jingle
the way we trade our hard earned time for pay

Hide and Seek (Cover) | Christina Grimmie

you were California beautiful, I was playin everything but cool

all these days have turned these months into a year and i’ve been spending every second wishing that i could disappear.


Jack’s Mannequin | “Dark Blue”

"Slow down..
this night’s a perfect shade of
Dark blue, dark blue
Have you ever been alone in a crowded room.”


Heart Attack | Demi Lovato

But take it from me; I’m disorderly
and you’d be off better
writing someone else your love letter.


I Wish I Could Break Your Heart - Cassadee Pope


One Man Drinking Games - Mayday Parade

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